33’ (10m) Roundhouse with Open-air 2nd Story

The blog post about my Hobbit House plan with second story open-air deck (scroll down to the fifth design) was very popular and so I decided to offer the same feature on my 33’ Roundhouses – both one and two … Continue reading →

Hobbit House with Second Story Deck

Here’s another version of the Hobbit House (five versions altogether) showing an open-air second story deck and rectangular windows. The deck adds another 471 square feet of living space at very little extra cost. This design is perfect for hot … Continue reading →

Escape the Ratrace and Live a Carefree Simple Life

The ongoing economic recession is putting lots of people in difficult situations. For some, the situation may even seem hopeless. I’m writing this to remind everyone to never give up. Who knows for sure what’s in store in the future, … Continue reading →

Hobbit House with Wood Shingles

My Hobbit House design was one of the top viewed earthbag plans last week, and one of the most common search terms, so I reworked the roof to incorporate wood shingles. The first version showed a living roof, but these … Continue reading →

The Shift Toward Organic Architecture

Thumb through popular architecture sources and you’ll readily spot a growing trend toward curved and round designs. It’s a revolt against the box. Oh sure, the status quo suburban box is alive and well, and will likely endure as long … Continue reading →