How We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof

β€œIt’s been ten years since we designed and built our house, so it seems appropriate to start an occasional series about it all. Building your own house has to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting things anyone can … Continue reading →

25 Small Sustainable House Plans: Cutaway Drawings

My new house plans book covers my most popular house designs. These houses are low-cost, DIY, sustainable house designs, many of which can be built for less than $10,000 if you use locally sourced materials such as earthbags, straw bales … Continue reading →

Island Style Homes

Island style homes feature wide roof overhangs, lots of windows for cross ventilation and plentiful outdoor living space. These homes are prevalent throughout the Caribbean, Pacific Ocean and beyond. There are some wonderful coffee table books on island style/Pacific style … Continue reading →