New Products from Watershed Blocks

“I’m thrilled to announce a range of new Watershed Block, all made using local materials that celebrate the region of their origin, all produced with the latest in sustainable building materials technology. – David Easton + the Watershed team … Continue reading →

Terra Cotta Decorative Brick

A highlight of my trip to Nepal has been the traditional Newari brick. Beautiful examples of this architectural terra cotta clay brick abound in Kathmandu. Terra cotta brick and tiles are very affordable because they’re made with low fired clay. … Continue reading →

Rammed Earth Block Machine Makes Clay Materials Harder than Concrete

Guest post by Alex Wright of Watershed Materials, the company who’s making geopolymer concrete blocks out of waste clay materials. We’ve covered their exciting development in two previous blog posts. This article focuses on their rammed earth block machine. … Continue reading →

Watershed Materials Develops Clay Masonry Twice as Strong as Concrete

California-based startup Watershed Materials, with support from the National Science Foundation, has spent the last four years researching and developing a concrete alternative. Currently, their studies have produced a masonry created with natural, mineral based geopolymers, that has incredible strength … Continue reading →

Rice Hull Ash Brick Formula With No Cement

Yesterday’s blog post was about making bricks with rice hull ash. Today we’ll review a few benefits of using rice hull ash in non-Portland cement products such as bricks and geopolymer, and give a formula for making rice hull ash … Continue reading →