Aircrete Lightweight Bricks and Blocks

We discourage using lots of cement because of its adverse environmental impact. However, there are times when it makes sense. For instance, concrete is very useful for making strong bond beams and water resistance structures in rainy climates. Foamed or … Continue reading →

Rammed Earth Block Machine Makes Clay Materials Harder than Concrete

Guest post by Alex Wright of Watershed Materials, the company who’s making geopolymer concrete blocks out of waste clay materials. We’ve covered their exciting development in two previous blog posts. This article focuses on their rammed earth block machine. … Continue reading →

Ingenious New Building Method Replaces Concrete Block with Rammed Earth

This may be the biggest story of the year. I just found out more information about the clay masonry blocks we reported on the other day. It turns out they were invented by rammed earth expert David Easton, and the … Continue reading →