Why We’re Building an Earthbag Stemwall

“The small off-grid home we’re helping friends build here in the Appalachian foothills is getting a bunch of work done to it recently. The biggest task of the moment is building the earthbag stemwall, which we need to finish before … Continue reading →

The Mud Home: Earthbag Foundations

“There will be many who refuse to believe this will work. What no concrete? Will be their never-ending refrain. Concrete foundations have been around for less than a hundred years. Buildings have been built for millennia. In the eastern Mediterranean … Continue reading →

Stepped Earthbag Foundations

One of our readers requested information on how to build on sloped terrain. They want to minimize excavation work. The drawing above shows how to build an earthbag foundation in ‘steps’. The basic process involves: 1. determine the slope of … Continue reading →

Seismic Resistant Gravel Bag Foundations

Yesterday’s post was about the earthquake resistance of earthbags. Today’s post illustrates what an earthquake resistant gravel bag foundation looks like and explains why this design is so effective. Gravel is an ideal material for this application because it’s durable, … Continue reading →

Durability of Polypropylene Bags

What is the lifespan of poly bags, and will they make durable foundations? From our experience and from what we can gather from other sources, poly bags can last almost indefinitely if kept out of sunlight, and therefore double-bagged foundations … Continue reading →