Proof the Outer Layer of the Pyramids Was Made with Cast in Place Cement

This is the evidence I’ve been waiting. For several years now I’ve been hoping to find close-up detailed photographic evidence of Michel Barsoum’s and Joseph Davidovits’s theory that at least part of the Giza pyramids were cast in place using … Continue reading →

Watershed Materials Develops Clay Masonry Twice as Strong as Concrete

California-based startup Watershed Materials, with support from the National Science Foundation, has spent the last four years researching and developing a concrete alternative. Currently, their studies have produced a masonry created with natural, mineral based geopolymers, that has incredible strength … Continue reading →

Boulder Houses

The lightweight geopolymer earthbag method I described yesterday opens the door to building boulder houses that could last hundreds or even thousands of years. All sorts of other styles could also be built, but for some reason (maybe because rocks … Continue reading →

Lightweight, Insulating Geopolymer Earthbags Part 3

I’m proposing using a combination of ferrocement, earthbags and porous geopolymer to build durable, affordable housing. In a nutshell, earthbags filled with lightweight geopolymer cement are fastened to a rebar or bamboo frame and then plastered with geopolymer cement. This … Continue reading →