Farm Hand’s Companion

Farm Hand’s Companion is an online companion to self-sufficient farms and homesteads. It’s sort of like an old time Mother Earth News with loads of low cost, low tech, alternative/natural building, homesteading and simple living ideas. … Continue reading →

$300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Food Year Round

“From vertical farms to solar-powered “farms from a box,” we’ve seen how farming technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. But for those who prefer something a little more rustic, growing food from a hole in the ground … Continue reading →

Be the Change You Want to See – What this Blog is Really About

Over the years we’ve profiled thousands of affordable and sustainable housing ideas that include affordable homes made with natural building materials, earthquake and hurricane resistant housing, renewable energy, appropriate technology, permaculture, and on and on. In fact, we’ve covered almost … Continue reading →

Larry Hall’s Rain Gutter Grow System

Larry Hall in Minnesota has come up with a very interesting and highly productive gardening system you might want to look into. This gardening system is perfect for renters, tiny house owners, those who travel a lot and can’t oversee … Continue reading →

Forest Gardens for Biodiversity

Forest gardens have many benefits, one of which is sequestering carbon from the air and storing it in soil. A large diversity of plants, like found in nature and forest gardens, maximizes the carbon storage process. The image above lists … Continue reading →

Korean Natural Farming with IMO – Indigenous Microorganisms

Adding IMO (indigenous microorganisms) to gardens is one of the most important steps to gardening success. Drake, the speaker in the video, talks about how his neighbor who’s been an organic gardener for 40 years and has good soil suddenly … Continue reading →