High-yield food production in limited space

“Video showing the building of a composting raised bed in the south of France (hugelkultur raised bed or gardening mound) with retaining walls, wood at the bottom, RCW (Ramial Chipped Wood) and mulch on top. Raised bed intended for growing … Continue reading →

Back to Eden Garden – Full Tour 2015

I just finished watching this 5-hour video tour of Paul Gautschi’s Back to Eden garden as it appears in June, 2015. It’s not scripted like the documentary (which has had at least 25 million views!). Paul is just gushing with … Continue reading →

Localized Food for Sustainable Communities

“People like you want fresh, local food, so we are building the ultimate high performance sustainability hubs, starting in Pocatello, Idaho. Powered by the people, we give straight back to make strong self-reliant, communities. With your help we are laying … Continue reading →