Free eBook: Best of the Natural Building Blog

It’s time to learn and spread the word. Natural Building is merging both new and old technologies to bring solid, affordable, and approachable housing to the world, and one article at a time, the Natural Building Blog has been bringing … Continue reading →

What if You Can’t Afford to Attend an Earthbag Workshop

Readers are wondering what to do if they can’t afford an earthbag workshop. Even my free workshops for NGOs require money for travel expenses. Don’t worry. We put almost everything on our websites for free. Earthbag building is very basic … Continue reading →

Free Earthbag Training for NGOs

Due to the amazing success of earthbag buildings surviving the recent earthquake, I’m receiving requests to train the trainers who will help rebuild Nepal. I just started the Take it to Zero project and so it seems fitting to offer … Continue reading →

Free Training Materials for Natural Builders

I’ve been corresponding with a long time reader about how to develop low cost natural building training courses. The idea is to provide a range of free and low cost training materials that instructors can choose from to develop training … Continue reading →

Wigwam Construction

“Chogan and his family needed a structure that could support the heavy snow and also provide shelter from the harsh northern winters. The dome shape of the wigwam has natural strength, and any snow that accumulated on the wigwam roof … Continue reading →