DIY Walk-in Cooler

I’ve been emailing someone about the benefits of making your own walk-in refrigerator/cooler using factory made mechanicals. She said, “I really never did understand why people would spend thousands on refrigerators when the walk ins are so much better. Most … Continue reading →

Off Grid Living: The Importance of A Homestead Pantry

“Off Grider’s, preppers and doomsday people, a PANTRY on any homestead is a key essential part of the success of your independent and sufficient lifestyle. However mistakes can be made that make the pantry more costly then it really needs … Continue reading →

Concealed Underfloor Cool Pantry

Maybe it’s all the freakish hurricanes, tornadoes and floods that have been occurring that got me thinking about how to increase storage space for emergency supplies. There have been countless cases of hard times in the past; times of plenty … Continue reading →

Cool Pantries: Storing Food Without Using Power

What’s the difference between a cool pantry and root cellar? Humidity. Root cellars are very practical for storing certain types of produce, and have been a key part of sustainable households for centuries. Root cellars are kept fairly moist in … Continue reading →