Earthbag Water Tank, Mele Village, Vanuatu

We were pleasantly surprised to see this earthbag water tank just down the road from a house we (Liz’s group) were building. The church group saw our project and on their own figured out how to use the same earthbag … Continue reading →

Earthbag Water Tanks

We’ve nearly finished an earthbag water tank with narrow tubes that cost $200 in materials. Plastic tanks this size retail for around $1,350 in Vanuatu, so this design costs far less than the main competing product. It won’t blow away … Continue reading →

On the Road: Live from Vanuatu

For decades it’s been my dream to visit developing countries and help build affordable housing projects. Now, here I am on the beach in beautiful Vanuatu to assist the Women’s Centre (and others) on various sustainable building projects. … Continue reading →


“The biorock building process (called accretion) grows cement-like engineering structures and marine ecosystems, often for mariculture of corals, oysters, clams, lobsters and fish in salt water. It works by passing a small electrical current through electrodes in the water. The … Continue reading →

Ferrocement Rainscreen for Earthbag Domes

Domes evolved in deserts, so we recommend extra protection for snowy/wet climates. There are two main approaches: 1. Build a roofed dome. Search our Projects pages at Earthbag to see several examples. 2. Build a ferrocement rainscreen on the … Continue reading →