Egypt Independent Earthbag Building Article

“Fagnoon Art School hosted a workshop for teaching the latest methods of earthbag building, an inexpensive construction method, hoping to bring the innovative technique to their farms and villages. … Continue reading →

Eternally Solar Earthbag Projects

It’s been a while since we’ve profiled Eternally Solar’s projects from Earthbag These are from their gallery page. Eternally Solar has perfected bags that are ideal for sand. No stabilizers needed. Note: slightly higher cost bags are offset by … Continue reading →

Collective Purchases of Bags

Prices for bags keep going up. What isn’t? Here’s one more possibility for readers who can’t find affordable or recycled bags in their area. Paula, one of our readers, sent us word of what they’re doing to cut costs in … Continue reading →

Alternative Fill Materials for Eternally Solar Earthbags

We’ve been discussing the Eternally Solar earthbag building system at length. Engineering tests show their walls exceed building code requirements even when filled with sand. Their bags are also used to form lintels and bond beams. As exciting and practical … Continue reading →