Earthbag Retaining Walls for Pathways and Erosion Control

Earthbags are most commonly used for houses, schools, greenhouses, survival shelters and water tanks. Another very practical use for earthbags is retaining walls. These can range from massive retaining walls along highways to small garden walls. This article is about … Continue reading →

Gravel Bag Berms and Check Dams

You can control storm water runoff with gravel bags to minimize sediment and other pollutants from entering the storm drain system. The idea is slow rain related run-off long enough that the sediments settle or dropout behind the bags. The … Continue reading →

Bags and Vetiver for Erosion Control

The photo and following text is from a vetiver website Patti Stouter found. Please send us links to any relevant articles you come across. There are situations where slopes are so steep, where rainfall is so intense, and where the … Continue reading →

Polypropylene Tubes for Pipeline Foundations and Beach Erosion Control

We continue to find amazing uses for polypropylene tubes and bags. In this case, PEMEX oil company in Mexico used large poly tubes (referred to as Geotextile Tubes or GT in the original article) at one of their oil facilities. … Continue reading →