Husk Power Systems

“Husk Power Systems designs, installs and operates biomass-based power plants. Each plant uses proprietary gasification technology to convert abundant agricultural residue (procured from local farmers) into electricity, which is then distributed to rural households and micro-enterprises through a micro-grid system … Continue reading →

Save $100,000 on Zero Energy Homes

I was browsing Build it, one of my favorite websites, and found the Montague Urban Homestead zero energy home pictured above. I was initially attracted to the home design by its simple lines and potential for do-it-yourself owner-builders (the … Continue reading →

E-Cat Energy Catalyzer: Unlimited Low Cost Energy?

A potential breakthrough technology, the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer, that produces inexpensive energy is rapidly gaining attention. There was another successful test of the E-Cat on October 6 with noted scientists independently taking measurements, inspecting and weighing all parts before … Continue reading →

Surrounded with Everything We Need

Follow me for just a moment as I try to explain how everything we really need is right before us – often in abundance – if we choose to look carefully. I’ll limit this discussion to homebuilding, but the same … Continue reading →

Why is there an Energy Crisis?

A BIG issue in everyone’s lives today is increasing fuel costs. (Don’t be fooled by [temporary] low prices. They’ll be going back up shortly due to limitations in oil production.) High oil prices are connected to peak oil and gas … Continue reading →