Off Grid Tiny House with two kitchens

Another excellent video by This 12’x12′ cabin cost about $3,000. “Matt, from Feral Farm, talks about a tiny house he built. This tiny house has a tiny kitchen space inside, and a much larger outdoor kitchen. Everything at Feral … Continue reading →

University of Maryland WaterShed

“Instead of focusing only on energy efficiency at this year’s Solar Decathlon, the University of Maryland is also tackling water conservancy with their entry, WaterShed. WaterShed was inspired by the ecosystem of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. WaterShed is an example of … Continue reading →

Additional Passive Cooling Strategies for Hot Climates

The following list includes dozens of low tech, low cost ways to cool buildings in hot climates passively without electricity or machinery, i.e., passive cooling or natural cooling. This list is in addition to the 11 or so simple passive … Continue reading →

Energy Efficient Chest Fridge

I saw this fridge a few years ago on Build it It’s a great site like I keep saying with hundreds of practical projects. Several years later and now I’m asking the same questions as the author below. Why … Continue reading →

Slash Energy Bills with Window Quilts

Installing window quilts is one of the simplest, easiest ways to save on energy costs. It’s right up there with caulking, weather stripping and adding extra roof insulation in terms of rapid payback. Window quilts would probably pay for themselves … Continue reading →

A ‘Moon Shot’ for Building Energy Efficiency

Kelly sent me the following article about government and big industry plans for achieving energy efficiency in buildings. One goal is to achieve zero net energy by 2030. While I agree with the need to slash energy consumption and the … Continue reading →