Emergency Shelter Option for Nepal

The photo shows the earthbag shelter design in our proposal to the UN. Earthbags are highly recommended since they’re tried and proven. However, in disaster areas bags and training may not be available, so it’s always good to have options. … Continue reading →

Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Building Guidelines PDF

Earthen buildings are strong in compression, but need help against tension or bending stresses. The barbed wire and vertical rebar in earthbag add important tensile strength. More than 50 earthbag buildings in Nepal have recently survived 0.5- >0.7g of earthquake … Continue reading →

Another Earthbag Structure Survives Nepal Quake

“Hello All, Our earthbag shelter in Badhikhel (image attached) held up beautifully during the earthquake. The government and aid agencies should consider this building technique in places where manpower / volunteers can be found.” … Continue reading →

First Steps Himalaya planning to rebuild schools in rural Sindhupalchok

“First Steps Himalaya constructed an earthbag Education and Training Centre just prior to the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015. The building was constructed using proven earthbag construction methods utilizing polypropylene sacks, barbed wire, steel rebar and … Continue reading →

Free Earthbag Training for NGOs

Due to the amazing success of earthbag buildings surviving the recent earthquake, I’m receiving requests to train the trainers who will help rebuild Nepal. I just started the Take it to Zero project and so it seems fitting to offer … Continue reading →