Man Lives Inside $150 Bicycle ‘Stealth’ Camper

“For years now, Paul Elkins has been traveling the country in his ‘stealth camper’. Unlike many small homes you see, this one is attached to the back of a bicycle and it only cost $150 to make! You won’t believe … Continue reading →

Top 3 DIY Survival Projects that Could Save Your Life in the Coming Collapse

Exclusive content for The Prepper by Owen Geiger Anyone who is awake can clearly see the social and economic turmoil all around us. The need to prepare has never been more clear. … Continue reading →

Earthbag Shelter Nepal

I came across this project proposal for Nepal. Very little information is available, although it looks very interesting. I encourage the designer to build a prototype and report the results. “Earthbag shelter Nepal: Sharing platform for ideas and plans relating … Continue reading →

Wampanoag wetu: biodegradable house-dome before Bucky Fuller

“The Wampanoag people who lived along the U.S. East Coast built dome-shaped homes called wetus. The round shape was most efficient for heating or cooling the home evenly and for withstanding high winds and hurricanes. It also emerged naturally from … Continue reading →