Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

“Dr. Sunny Cai (Liang-Juei Cai), Ph.D (in Ecological and Chinese Ancient Architecture), now retired from University and living in Taiwan, is an author and professor specializing in the field of ancient and ecological architectural planning and design. Dr. Sunny not … Continue reading →

Earth Home Thailand (Maejo Baandin)

“The label “natural building” can refer to a wide variety of construction methods and materials. The natural buildings that we build at Earth Home are made from wood, clay, sand, rice husks, straw and water. Some cement is used in … Continue reading →

Smaller is Better in the Tiny House Movement

“The unpredictable economy, recent natural disasters and the fickle housing market are driving many working class Americans to live more frugally. Although downsizing, living simply and being environmentally-conscious are not new ideas to any generation, Millennials graduating with unprecedented amounts … Continue reading →

Real-life Hobbit Houses – Cae Mabon

“Eric Maddern creates an award-winning “Shangri-la” of natural building in Snowdonia. His buildings re-create indigenous house styles around the world, using natural materials such as wood, mud and straw. He has an octagonal Native American hogan with reciprocal frame roof, … Continue reading →