German Association for Building with Earth

“In a time in which environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, conservation of resources and environmentally sound construction methods are gaining in significance. Today there is a demand for building materials which require little energy for their production, which are … Continue reading →

Log Bridges and More

Cliff, a long-time reader and frequent contributor from NZ, sent this tip to me. The same basic building process could be used to make roof trusses and other structural components and buildings such as free standing domes. Source: The Rainbow … Continue reading →

Regenerative Housing

“Let’s create the Regenerative Home. With this proposal, we are raising funds to showcase technologies for homes that are ecological, affordable, and appropriate for these times. We will build the second prototype this summer in Colorado (earlier version shown in … Continue reading →

Building a Light Clay Straw (Straw-Clay) House

“This is an introduction to light clay straw construction (a.k.a. “straw-clay”). In the summer of 2010, I started construction on my first house (20 ft. x 12 ft.). It was stud framed with light clay straw infill. I had helped … Continue reading →