Small attempts to improve life for future generations

“Finca Las Brisas is an ecologically-focused community. It is a place where environmentally concerned people can own property, live and vacation in better harmony with nature. It is a place where owners can contribute not just to their community but … Continue reading →

The Napoleon Complex Tiny House Village

I tried to describe my dream ecovillage the other day in Tiny House Ecovillage in a Fruit Orchard. That story was just fantasy, of course, but Jay Schafer of Tumbleweed House Company is planning the real deal – a tiny … Continue reading →

Tucson Tortolita Eco Village

“As a Conservation & Educational Non Profit, it is our job, our pleasure, and our way of life to support a New Vision for living, surviving, and thriving in the new world that is fast shaping itself around us all. … Continue reading →

Where Would You Rather Live?

Acmeville Tract Homes: 2,500 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 3 bath, $250,000 ($2,000/month for 30 years, 20% down, plus insurance, title and closing fees, taxes, cookie cutter fee, and homeowner association fee). Your choice of three shades of beige and pastel … Continue reading →

Cool Ecovillage Pics

We are a small group of ordinary people, from various walks of life such as businessmen, secretaries, artisans, health workers, etc. that try to be aware of the state of humanity and the earth, and are concerned that the current … Continue reading →

Earthbag Eco-village in Beijing

Dr. Sunny Cai, an architect and Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing sent me news of his most recent earthbag work. It’s interesting to note his Ph.D. is in Historic Chinese Earth Architecture. “To be … Continue reading →