$1 MILLION on 10 acres — Scaling up the small farm with JM Fortier.

Curtis Stone, the Urban Farmer, and JM Fortier, the Market Gardener, are both are highly influential sustainable agriculture experts who are educating others about six figure income farming (how to make growing food profitable without expensive machinery). Their ideas can … Continue reading →

Bio-Bturner-100: Burning Spoiled Corn and Other Waste Products

The Bio-Burner by LEI Products burns a wide variety of biomass fuels for heating your home, shop or garage with the BB-100 (100k BTU burner/boiler). Their videos show how you can burn low value biomass materials such as manure, spoiled … Continue reading →

Earthsong Farm and Herbal School

“Sara Markis, Owner/Creator/Curato, has after 8 years of developing & gathering skills, come to the point of crowdsourcing for 300 acres (or more!) to be home to an Herbal school of 100-200 students from around the world, a natural farm … Continue reading →