Liens’ Tatooine Residence

Hello — we built a “double ecodome” here in Lucerne Valley, California, a rural area in the high Mojave desert. Though it took some time to get the plans approved, they were indeed approved. This was with the help of … Continue reading →

Earthbag House in Austin

Louis Burns, a writer and former real estate agent, toured a newly completed Eco-dome in Austin and wrote an eye-opening assessment. Here are a few quotes from the article. “The plans from Cal-Earth that they’re working from are designed for … Continue reading →

Eco Dome in Jordan

Not to detract from this excellent video, but Henna Khalili states in the YouTube comments section “the plastering I learned during the course is not durable.” What course? At Cal-earth? Anyone know more about this? This video shows the dome … Continue reading →