An eco building named Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood is a roundwood timber-frame eco building. It was built in 2012, at Swan Barn Farm in Haslemere, on the borders of West Sussex and Surrey, by the National Trust’s Black Down countryside team and volunteers, led by Head … Continue reading →

Eco-Bungalow Project

“We have created a concept where people in ethnic minorities can host tourists in a truly sustainable way. The bungalows are owned and run by the villagers, there is a limited amount of people visiting the village at all times, … Continue reading →

The Gender Difference In Eco-Building

“In recent visits to a variety of eco-communities across Britain and to eco-build sites I have realised quite how gendered everything still is, even in places where you might expect a more ‘progressive’ view. There exists a presumption that men … Continue reading →

Extracting Water from Air

Developing efficient methods for extracting moisture from the air (condensing atmospheric humidity) has long been a goal of scientists and engineers. The AirDrop irrigation system by Edward Linnacre is one of the more recent inventions for extracting water from the … Continue reading →