Plan-it Earth Roundhouse Holidays

It’s grueling hard work surfing the Internet for beautiful natural homes, but someone’s got to do it! Today’s website features two stunning roundhouses that can be rented out for vacations. “Staying in our Roundhouses in Cornwall is a truly magical … Continue reading →

Open-air Bathrooms

Is your bathroom small, dark and smelly, and a place where you spend as little time as possible? Consider surrounding yourself in nature with an open-air or partially open-air bathroom. They’re ideal in tropical climates, because odors and moisture are … Continue reading →

Open-air 33’ (10m) 2-story Roundhouse

I’m now offering open air earthbag roundhouse designs with large arched doorways. This particular design was done for a client in a tropical climate where maximum ventilation is needed. Note: you could add doors, windows, covering over the stairs, etc. … Continue reading →

Mechanized Rapidobe

Abe from Vela Creations and I have been exchanging ideas about his new Rapidobe building system. The biggest strong point for rapidobe is its speed and ease of construction. You could speed the process along even more with a Bobcat … Continue reading →

German Association for Building with Earth

“In a time in which environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, conservation of resources and environmentally sound construction methods are gaining in significance. Today there is a demand for building materials which require little energy for their production, which are … Continue reading →