Mud Ball – How I Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind: Atulya K Bingham

6 weeks, $6,000 and plenty of dirt “I couldn’t teach another lesson. Nor could I tolerate another day with a boss, a punch card, and the indigestion I suffered from bolting my muesli. This was why I’d spent the past … Continue reading →

Earthbag School in Goldhunga, Nepal

“Now Kathmandu’s outskirts also have an earthbag building! It will be used as an after-school house for the children of Goldhunga, a village located 30-minute drive from Thamel, in Kathmandu. It will be soon filled with computers, books and other … Continue reading →

Open Source Disaster Resistant Earthbag Homes for Nepal

From the archives — I realized yesterday that this open source disaster resistant earthbag house could be easily adapted to Nepal. Add a roof of recycled wood and metal roofing and for very little money (under $1,000) you’d have a … Continue reading →

Summary of Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Building Methods

We’ve posted quite a few blog posts over the years about how to reinforce earthbag buildings. Due to the earthquake in Nepal, we’re getting lots of questions about reinforced earthbag methods for earthquake regions. The following list will save people … Continue reading →

Sindhupalchok’s Sorrow

“The hard-hit district is losing hope despite being so close to the capital. The Arniko Highway coils eastwards from Kathmandu towards the Chinese border at Kodari. Every settlement, every bazar, every village along the way has been flattened. … Continue reading →