Earthen Hand Natural Building Workshops

“This message was inspired by Earth Day and Buddha’s birthday… Mother Earth in jeopardy and refugee crises abound, are you beginning to feel it is surreal? Corporate interests increase their militaristic stranglehold on every available aspect of life itself, and … Continue reading →

Earthen Regenerative Home Nearing Completion

“Imagine a home that truly takes care of its occupants while improving the surrounding environment using appropriate technologies. The Regenerative Home is intended to be the first prototype of this particular design and combination of technologies which can allow a … Continue reading →

PAHS Earthbag House Near Completion

“Earthen Hand Natural Building recently has created an 800 sf earthbag house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Passive Annual Heat Storage (PAHS) design features were used in this building, giving it the ability to heat and cool itself … Continue reading →

Earthen Hand — Newberry Roundhouse

Scott Howard of Earthen Hand Natural Building does it again! This earthbag cabin in Portland, Oregon was “built mostly during a workshop series in summer 2009. We had a lot of fun with building this house.” Click the link to … Continue reading →

Earthen Hand Dome in Mali

Scott Howard organized a workshop in Dogon Country, Mali, last winter. He built this unique dome with the help of workshop participants and some of the villagers there. The majority of the structure was completed during the two week-long workshop. … Continue reading →