Problems with Earthbags from China?

Reader question: “Has anyone determined the safety of bags manufactured in China, vs the US? I have read reports of bag failure even after the bags were kept covered. Is it known if the bag failures are from the manufacturing … Continue reading →

Affordable Covered Pool Made with Earthbags

“This summer being scorched under the glaring Texas sun, my wife and I had an idea. We need a swimming pool. Our thoughts were grand, our visions long. Covered, big, deep, beautiful, were some of the adjectives that sprang to … Continue reading →

Hyper-Wattle Video and Update

Patti Stouter, winner of the $300 House contest, is at it again. Her latest project combines 1. gravel-filled poly bags (earthbag foundation), 2. hyper-adobe (compacted soil in mesh bags), with 3. hyper-wattle (straw filled mesh bags or tubes soaked in … Continue reading →

How the Pyramids Were Built

Alternate title: How to Build an Earthbag House That Will Last as Long as the Pyramids. I can’t say for sure that the pyramids were built this way, but this video describes a reasonable theory of how the blocks of … Continue reading →