First Earthbag Toilet Prototype Completed in India

Great news from Kateryna Zemskova of Good Earth “We are proud to announce the completion of our first hyperadobe toilet in Madurai, India. [For new readers: hyperadobe uses raschel mesh earthbags. See this hyperadobe step-by-step article with photos and … Continue reading →

Earthbag Method is Ideal for Constructing Community Toilets in India

“Earthbag construction technology is old wine in a new bottle as rammed earth method of construction is an ancient method, according to the experts in the method, Owen Geiger and Kateryna Zemskova of Good Earth Nepal. They feel that the … Continue reading →

Building an Earthbag Composting Toilet

Paul Coleman’s and Konomi Kikuchi’s blog covers their building projects in Patagonia. Their earthbag house is coming along nicely. They recently built an interesting composting toilet with earthbags. Best view ever. You can read the article here. … Continue reading →