Earthbag Training and Testing at Santa Clara University, CA

Patti Stouter of Build Simple, Inc. has been testing earthbags and writing technical reports for the last several years in an effort to improve strength of earthbag buildings in seismic areas. She asked me to forward the following announcement. … Continue reading →

Revised Earthbag Testing Page

With  the help of Patti Stouter, I have revised the index page for available test data and reports at Instead of just links to half a dozen existing test reports that are specific to earthbags, there are now references … Continue reading →

Earth Building Report from Greece

I came across a report titled Earth Building: Models, Technical Aspects, Tests and Environmental Evaluation by Sargentis, Kapsalis and Symeonidis. The report was presented at the 11th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology in September, 2009 in Greece. The … Continue reading →

Friction and Tensile Strength of EB Components

Patti Stouter has published another earthbag technical report. It is a summary of the state of testing to date, and also covers some of the codes related to earthbag. The following information is quoted from this report. According to the … Continue reading →