First Earthbag Shake Table Tests Create a Computer Model

“How much reinforcement do straight wall earthbag buildings need for earthquakes? Engineers can’t tell without test results. Until this year no one has tested earthbag on a shake table, since full-size testing could cost between $10,000 and $15,000 USD. … Continue reading →

A Material and Structural Analysis of Earthbag Housing

Nikul Vadgama from the University of Bath has completed one of the most extensive reports so far on earthbag building. In order for earthbag to enter mainstream building practice, engineering tests and analysis like this are needed by engineers, architects … Continue reading →

Shear Strength Wall Test Report

Test description: Shear strength of plastered 4′ x 4’/ 1.2 x 1.2 m bag wall (15″ / 38 cm thick) of weak cohesive soil with barbed wire; Materials: solid poly bags, tamped subsoils of silt and clay, lime and earthen … Continue reading →

Earthbag Tests in Comparison to NZ Tests

More testing info from Patti Stouter: What’s so important about New Zealand’s earth building standards? Well, no one else has based earth building guidelines on so much testing. And recently earthquakes in New Zealand (including a magnitude 7.1) proved how … Continue reading →

Earthbag Shear Test

Here’s Patti Stouter’s report on her earthbag shear test. The quick way to find out how to build strong enough for earthquakes? Hundreds of thousands of dollars for earthbag testing to university engineering departments. I’m helping one US university seeking … Continue reading →

Revised Earthbag Testing Page

With  the help of Patti Stouter, I have revised the index page for available test data and reports at Instead of just links to half a dozen existing test reports that are specific to earthbags, there are now references … Continue reading →