Earthbag Tiny House/Survival Shelter

“Kelly Hart has built all kinds of alternative housing including earthbag. This little shelter was built to test the temperature fluctuations in the New Mexico desert and to see if with such a small structure the usual strands of barbed … Continue reading →

Building Earthbag Tornado Shelters for Profit

In a previous blog post about Earthbag Tornado Shelters I suggested building them for profit. Four years later the same advice is still valid. The marketing process should be even easier now since earthbag buildings are much more common. One … Continue reading →

IDV: Developing Permanent Shelter Solutions for Nepal

“The Nepal earthquakes destroyed almost 605,000 homes, and damaged 288,856 more. While there is an urgent, ongoing need to provide immediate shelter in Nepal this solution is still a temporary one. … Continue reading →

Low Cost Village Housing for Nepal

The greatest need for housing in Nepal is in poor rural villages. Not only can they not afford cement and steel, it’s not practical to carry these heavy materials 1-2 days over mountain passes. We need to identify the most … Continue reading →

Earthbag Shelter Nepal

I came across this project proposal for Nepal. Very little information is available, although it looks very interesting. I encourage the designer to build a prototype and report the results. “Earthbag shelter Nepal: Sharing platform for ideas and plans relating … Continue reading →

How We Built A Low Cost Tornado Shelter

Yea, another earthbag book. Kelly and I just published our new books (see links on right side of page if you missed them). There’s this new book on building earthbag tornado shelters. Plus there’s another earthbag book coming out any … Continue reading →