Ultimus Multi-One MultiFunctional Miniloader

Ultimus Company Limited is the importer, manufacturer, and exporter that specializes in the trading of high-technology innovations. With Multione we have become world leaders in the production and distribution of multifunctional miniloaders that have already been chosen by thousands of … Continue reading →

Jake Filling Earthbags with Machine

“I thought about and researched what bag material would be the best to use and what would be the easiest way to fill it with minimal help. Most of what I saw on the internet for earthbag building was a … Continue reading →

Hyperadobe Quick Wall Machine

Thanks to Jaime Marin for this excellent find. This video shows how to build and use a handmade tube filler to make hyperadobe (raschel mesh) earthbag walls. The machine holds the funnel in place to help fill the tube and … Continue reading →

Yurok Native Reservation Earthbag Build

“UEB’s first 1,225sqft structure built with the semi-automatic 3d printer, the Earth Home Builder. 9 days of bag laying of 21″ bag. Fastest layer of 40′ length was laid in 11m16s! The crew was trained on site and ranged from … Continue reading →