Bringing Earthbags to the People – A New, Democratic Approach to Sustainable Building

by Kateryna Zemskova and Nathan Belofsky Earthbag technology builds safe, appealing, and cost-effective structures out of ordinary soil. Stronger, cheaper, and less harmful to the environment than conventional building techniques like brick and cement, Earthbag technology is generally considered the … Continue reading →

Earthbag Training and Testing at Santa Clara University, CA

Patti Stouter of Build Simple, Inc. has been testing earthbags and writing technical reports for the last several years in an effort to improve strength of earthbag buildings in seismic areas. She asked me to forward the following announcement. … Continue reading →

My Earthbag Project in Honduras

“Greetings! I am reaching out to say hello as a fellow earth builder! I have looked through the Earthbag site and even downloaded your PDF book a few years back. Excellent resources! I also wanted so share my project. … Continue reading →

25 Small, Sustainable House Plans eBook Now Available!

25 Small Sustainable House Plans provides a fascinating selection of innovative house plans, along with an overview of the most efficient natural building methods – strawbale, earthbag and sustainably harvested wood. Go beyond the basics and learn how to use … Continue reading →

Lots of New Earthbag Videos

The number of new earthbag videos is growing fast. I did a quick check yesterday and found quite a few new ones. Many of them are in other languages and probably won’t make it onto our Video page, so I’ll … Continue reading →