Couple builds earthbag home in rural Osage County, KS

“RURAL OSAGE COUNTY — When Keith Fouts was a child and camped with his grandparents on their Lake Pomona lot, he would play on a nearby stretch of property and dream of one day owning it. … Continue reading →

Better in Belize Earthbag House

“Tucked in to 130 acres of pristine rainforest in Cayo in Western Belize, our eco-community is located on the shores of one of Belize’s most spectacular waterways, “The Macal”, with its source high in the Mayan Mountains.” … Continue reading →

New Tile Roof on our Earthbag Roundhouse

After about three years of life on our vetiver thatch roof we recently replaced the thatch with micro-concrete roofing tiles (MCR). MCR tiles and metal roofing are fast and easy to install, and both work well for roofwater harvesting. I … Continue reading →

AUWA Earthbag Rural Retreat

Here’s another wonderful project by AUWA Earth. We’ve profiled them before, but this little house caught my eye when browsing their website again. And by the way, check out their slideshow that shows a very fast earthbag building system using … Continue reading →