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Hobbit House

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011:

Specifications: 24′-6″ diameter with 471 sq. ft. interior, 471 sq. ft. loft, total 942 sq. ft. interior, one bedroom, one bath, Footprint: 27′-6″ x 27-6″ Description: Many people dream of a simpler life, free of the cares of this world. They want a home that is easy to build and maintain, small yet adequate in […]  Read more from > Hobbit House

Triple Roundhouse Cluster

Monday, April 18th, 2011:

This 785 sq. ft. interior design connects three sloped roof roundhouses and adjoining closets to create a unique roundhouse cluster design that is earth-sheltered on three sides — east, west and north — with a sunny courtyard on the south. The 16′ bedroom roundhouses on either side can be used as bedrooms, home offices, studios, […]  Read more from > Triple Roundhouse Cluster

Earthbag Tower House

Monday, November 1st, 2010:

This intriguing tower house slopes from 21 feet interior diameter at ground level to 13 feet diameter at the third floor observation deck. It’s perfect for environments with high winds and good views. Total interior square feet: 705 Towers such as this, including my Native Spirit design, are best built with earthbags filled with scoria […]  Read more from > Earthbag Tower House