Earthbag Pit Greenhouses

Greenhouses are very popular for extending the growing season, but heating them in cold climates is expensive. In contrast, pit greenhouses — greenhouses built into the earth — use free solar energy from the sun for heating. The temperature of … Continue reading →

Earthbag Greenhouse at Sandhill Farm

The year-round greenhouse at Sandhill Farm is built with sustainable materials, including earthbags for lower walls and light straw/clay in upper walls. Greenhouse segment starts at 1:12. Maybe someone from Sandhill Farm can chime in here and leave some comments. … Continue reading →

Earthbag Greenhouses

Earthbags are ideal for building greenhouses due to their resistance to moisture damage. Most anyone can build with earthbags, which can cut construction costs. When filled with insulation such as perlite or scoria, earthbag walls and foundations enable you to … Continue reading →