Earthbag Dome Homes – Baja, Mexico

Baja BioSana is a living and learning center, a demonstration site for local and global solutions. Educational advancement occurs through immersion in a living regenerative model of the world we wish to live in. This includes a peaceful permaculture-based resort … Continue reading →

Failed Plaster on Dome

The following report from an anonymous experienced builder in Haiti is about a new earthbag dome that’s already failing. My intent is not to bash these particular builders (I don’t even know who they are), but rather use this example … Continue reading →

Earthen Hand Dome in Mali

Scott Howard organized a workshop in Dogon Country, Mali, last winter. He built this unique dome with the help of workshop participants and some of the villagers there. The majority of the structure was completed during the two week-long workshop. … Continue reading →

Konbit Shelter in Haiti Nears Completion

The group at Konbit Shelter has made phenomenal progress on their triple dome in Haiti. Be sure to check out their blog for full details and, if at all possible, it would be great if you could find a way … Continue reading →

Alternatives to Conventional Roofs: Domes and Vaults

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Q: Why aren’t people making roofs from earth using domes or Nubian vaults? In impoverished areas the cost of a tin roof is sometimes a year’s salary. A: Domes and vaults evolved … Continue reading →