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Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016:

“Dr. Sunny Cai (Liang-Juei Cai), Ph.D (in Ecological and Chinese Ancient Architecture), now retired from University and living in Taiwan, is an author and professor specializing in the field of ancient and ecological architectural planning and design. Dr. Sunny not only attempts to build houses with high standards, incorporate carbon reduction but also rummages raw […]  Read more from > Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

SuperAdobe Home in Costa Rica

Thursday, February 25th, 2016:

“Ayal Bryant from Barro Vivo CR told Inhabitat because they live in a relatively hot and dry climate, where they receive about 3 months of rain and the rest of the year is pretty much dry, they wanted to build a house that would remain cool during the day without air-conditioning or fans. “So we […]  Read more from > SuperAdobe Home in Costa Rica

Roofed Half Dome Design

Friday, September 18th, 2015:

This is a new house design that I just thought up yesterday. Basically, it’s a dome shape that’s cut off at the 8’ height level with a roof on top. The main benefit is to replace the harder to build top portion of the dome with a faster, easier to construct roof that will protect […]  Read more from > Roofed Half Dome Design