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Mini-Excavator for Earthbag Building

Thursday, May 19th, 2016:

Anyone considering a large earthbag project should look into the advantages of mechanizing the building process with machinery since construction work by its nature is labor intensive. A foundation trench for instance could be dug by a mini-excavator or backhoe in a few hours versus a week of manual labor. The same trench could be […]  Read more from > Mini-Excavator for Earthbag Building

Sewing Gusseted Earthbags

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016:

Touring earthbag building projects in Nepal has allowed us to gather hundreds of photos, dozens of hours of video footage, and discover lots of interesting new earthbag techniques and developments. I now have fresh content for lots of future blog posts. The volunteers and workers here are very good and so there’s quite a bit […]  Read more from > Sewing Gusseted Earthbags

Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016:

“Dr. Sunny Cai (Liang-Juei Cai), Ph.D (in Ecological and Chinese Ancient Architecture), now retired from University and living in Taiwan, is an author and professor specializing in the field of ancient and ecological architectural planning and design. Dr. Sunny not only attempts to build houses with high standards, incorporate carbon reduction but also rummages raw […]  Read more from > Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

NEA Earthbag Technology Report

Friday, March 4th, 2016:

The Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) invited me and Kateryna of Good Earth Nepal to submit a technical summary of earthbag building, which has just been published. An excerpt is below. The full report is also now free online at Earthbag You might remember that Good Earth Nepal won the NEA people’s choice design award […]  Read more from > NEA Earthbag Technology Report