Podcast: The independence and empowerment of earthbag building with Atulya K Bingham

“Today I have a guest with a truly remarkable story and journey into natural building. Atulya Bingham is the author of “Mud Ball” and “Mud Mountain”, both of which cover her incredible experiences moving to the countryside in Turkey and … Continue reading →

Mud Ball – How I Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind: Atulya K Bingham

6 weeks, $6,000 and plenty of dirt “I couldn’t teach another lesson. Nor could I tolerate another day with a boss, a punch card, and the indigestion I suffered from bolting my muesli. This was why I’d spent the past … Continue reading →

25 Small, Sustainable House Plans eBook Now Available!

25 Small Sustainable House Plans provides a fascinating selection of innovative house plans, along with an overview of the most efficient natural building methods – strawbale, earthbag and sustainably harvested wood. Go beyond the basics and learn how to use … Continue reading →

Earthbag Building Guide in Spanish

Good news. The Spanish version of my Earthbag Building Guide is 99% complete thanks to the tireless efforts of Zafra and Daniel. They carried the torch after a previous volunteer started the initial translation. We’re now looking for one or … Continue reading →

Get the Basics Right

Make sure you get the basics right so your earthbag home is safe, sound and durable. As obvious as this seems, the most fundamental earthbag building principles sometimes get lost in the forest of information. That was one reason for … Continue reading →