Potato Storage Cellars

Underground homes and earth-sheltered homes are among the most popular types of alternative homes. Almost everyone knows the earth will moderate the inside temperature and reduce energy costs. That’s why potato storage cellars are common. These structures will “assure the … Continue reading →

Modular Solar Domes

There’s lots of demand for solar homes, earth sheltered homes, super energy efficient, low cost/ do-it-yourself designs and domes. This design combines all these features. The main living dome in this stellar design is flooded with light and ventilation through … Continue reading →

Record Traffic on our Blog and Free Plan

Welcome to our Natural Building Blog. Like the title says, we’re experiencing record traffic. Most new readers are going to our Earth Sheltered / Underground House Plans page. First, I’d like to encourage new readers to search our site for … Continue reading →

Earth-sheltered House Plans

Earth-sheltered houses is one of the most popular topics on our Natural Building Blog. New readers may not be aware of my sustainable house plans that have been designed for earthbags, straw bales, cordwood and other materials. There are now … Continue reading →