Real-life Hobbit Houses – Cae Mabon

“Eric Maddern creates an award-winning “Shangri-la” of natural building in Snowdonia. His buildings re-create indigenous house styles around the world, using natural materials such as wood, mud and straw. He has an octagonal Native American hogan with reciprocal frame roof, … Continue reading →

Training the Locals – Earthbag Dome, Columbia

“This training took place December 2011 in Nariño, the southern border of Colombia with Ecuador. During 2 days we gave all the basic construction tools to a bunch of very happy and enthusiastic locals which were amazed at learning a … Continue reading →

Roman seawater concrete holds the secret to cutting carbon emissions

This discovery shows how to make stronger, longer lasting concrete with far less energy. A green type of concrete like this could replace Portland concrete, which is viewed negatively by many due to its adverse environmental impact. … Continue reading →