How to Build a Mud House to Last up to 10,000 Yrs England

The building industry doesn’t want people to know about this! Modern building materials are expensive, often require special tools and expertise, rot or burn after a few decades, and many times offgas toxic fumes. Fortunately, word is spreading about natural … Continue reading →

The Architecture of Mud

Excellent documentary of adobe houses in Yemen. Highly recommended. This could be considered a must see video for serious natural builders and architects. The next time somebody asks me “Can you build more than one story with earthbags?” I should … Continue reading →

The Bio-Architecture and Intuitive Technology School

“The Bio-Architecture and Intuitive Technology School (TIBÁ) is an eco-centre located in the coastal jungle of Brazil (Mata Atlântica), dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development and ‘barefoot’ construction techniques. … Continue reading →

Creative unique bamboo & earth building design and construction

“At Chiangmai Life Construction we build to increase the quality of life. We build from natural materials: earth, bamboo, wood. When building with earth and bamboo you get closer to nature in many ways. It is essential to understand the … Continue reading →