Wat Huai Thaeng Rice Hull/Clay Bricks

From Phillip, one of our readers: We went to see this temple in N. Thailand. One structure was made of adobe and rice hulls bricks. The whole village helped in the project. It had 2 floors. Ground floor was dining … Continue reading →

Balecob ATV Shed in Colorado

By making a building mostly solo, I hope to demonstrate that most anyone can make shelter in a way that fulfills their soul, makes their body strong, exists in harmony with nature, and does not require mortgage payments for decades … Continue reading →

Fast, Easy, Low Cost Soil Cement Floors

My Little Homestead has a new video series that documents each step of construction of Shea’s new earthbag bedroom. At the beginning of this particular episode they explain their favorite soil cement floor method. … Continue reading →

10 Beautiful and Useful Things You Can Create with Earth Plaster

People are often fascinated by the structure of my earthbag home, but in truth that was the easy part. It’s the plaster that is an art. And a science. At times I thought it might have even been witchcraft. Because … Continue reading →

OMfield Shanti Earth Temple

OMfield’s Mission: We exist to provide the rare, yet vital service of demonstrating alternative lifestyle modalities. It is estimated that if everyone on the planet (7+ billion) consumed products at the same rate as the United States (300+ million), then … Continue reading →