New Products from Watershed Blocks

“I’m thrilled to announce a range of new Watershed Block, all made using local materials that celebrate the region of their origin, all produced with the latest in sustainable building materials technology. – David Easton + the Watershed team … Continue reading →

Safido Interlocking Brick Machine

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs), also called earth blocks or CSEBs is one of the most popular natural building methods in part because bricks are well accepted and understood by builders, and because the walls go up fairly quickly. Thin walls … Continue reading →

Habitech Earth Block Building

“Habitech Center is a research and development center for building components and building technology at the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) of Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani (AIT), Thailand. … Continue reading →

Unusual Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs)

Most compressed earth blocks (CEBs) are made in a mechanical press with a mixture of sandy soil, clayey soil, and a small amount of cement and water. CEBs typically require no plaster and are popular for walls, privacy walls, planters … Continue reading →

Low-cost construction interlocking soil cement blocks & bricks

“Low-Cost Housing – Construction – Materials – Habitech International – Interlocking Bricks and Blocks – Habitech International Building System is faster, easier, strong and durable reducing costs – Sustainable Green Technologies – Creates Jobs Generating Income and Revenues” … Continue reading →