Learn How to Build Your Own Underground Home

“Underground homes have several advantages over homes built above the ground. Underground homes, or earthen homes, have extreme benefits over above ground housing across the entire board. Some of these beneficial qualities include their ability to save space above ground, … Continue reading →

Post and Beam Pallet Wall

One of the best benefits of doing this blog is having the opportunity to network with other natural builders. Loads (thousands of people) send us info on their projects, ask questions and share their ideas. Some of the best ideas … Continue reading →

Earth-sheltered Homes

“Earth sheltering is the architectural practice of using earth against building walls for external thermal mass, to reduce heat loss, and to easily maintain a steady indoor air temperature. Earth sheltering is popular in modern times among advocates of passive … Continue reading →

Zero Energy Earth Home in Texas?

Kelly and Owen, I’d like to thank you for all of the wonderful information you have offered for free to the world! I’ve been following along for about a year now and it just keeps getting better and better. I … Continue reading →

Our Earthbag House – How to Build a Fortress on the Cheap

Earthbag construction is a durable and affordable technique for building houses. The system was developed specifically with the goal of making them earthquake resistant, and they are in fact very effective at stopping most common bullet calibers. See all the … Continue reading →