Stone houses and almost no electricity

“Valle Bavona is surrounded by hydroelectric power plants, but in the 1950s its inhabitants rejected electricity. Keeping away from modernity has been a plus for the valley. Since it had no electricity, no new buildings were constructed and the valley … Continue reading →

How to Build a Mud House to Last up to 10,000 Yrs England

The building industry doesn’t want people to know about this! Modern building materials are expensive, often require special tools and expertise, rot or burn after a few decades, and many times offgas toxic fumes. Fortunately, word is spreading about natural … Continue reading →

New Tile Roof on our Earthbag Roundhouse

After about three years of life on our vetiver thatch roof we recently replaced the thatch with micro-concrete roofing tiles (MCR). MCR tiles and metal roofing are fast and easy to install, and both work well for roofwater harvesting. I … Continue reading →

War Shelters, Short-Lived Yet Living on

“Camp Evans, a decommissioned Army base in Wall Township, N.J., is frozen in midcentury, its brick administration buildings and boarded-up Quonset huts on hold from World War II. Fred Carl, 59, a former high school science teacher and the unofficial … Continue reading →

Silicate Mineral Paint

“Owen, are you familiar with silicate mineral paint? Awesome stuff but very expensive. It’s 77 perms so very breathable and waterproof to boot. It would work well on an earthbag house but I doubt is financially viable. I just thought … Continue reading →