Smoked Bamboo Furniture

I was sitting in a restaurant yesterday that has smoked bamboo furniture. As I was admiring the color and craftsmanship, I realized that our readers might be interested. Smoking bamboo is just one of numerous ways to treat bamboo and … Continue reading →

Durability of Earthbag Homes

Previous blog posts have explained how earthbag homes are similar to rammed earth (see Ancient Rammed Earth Structures) and compressed earth (see Impact Testing Megablocks with Black Powder Cannon). And in comparison to adobe, which is also quite durable, earthbags … Continue reading →

Durability of Polypropylene Bags

What is the lifespan of poly bags, and will they make durable foundations? From our experience and from what we can gather from other sources, poly bags can last almost indefinitely if kept out of sunlight, and therefore double-bagged foundations … Continue reading →

Durability of Barbed Wire

I emailed New Mexico Barbed Wire Collectors Association about the durability of barbed wire outdoors in the elements. If barbed wire lasts a long time in the rain and snow, then it should be even more durable when protected from … Continue reading →