Earthen Hand Dome in Mali

Scott Howard organized a workshop in Dogon Country, Mali, last winter. He built this unique dome with the help of workshop participants and some of the villagers there. The majority of the structure was completed during the two week-long workshop. … Continue reading →

Alternatives to Conventional Roofs: Domes and Vaults

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Q: Why aren’t people making roofs from earth using domes or Nubian vaults? In impoverished areas the cost of a tin roof is sometimes a year’s salary. A: Domes and vaults evolved … Continue reading →

Enviro Dome Fly-through

Take a fly-through tour of the Enviro Dome, one of my most popular earthbag plans. Please note, not every detail is shown. The loft vegas (wood poles) and wood stove, for instance, have been omitted for simplicity. But you still … Continue reading →

Koh Phangan Workshop Report

This is just a short summary of my experience teaching an earthbag workshop in Koh Phangan this weekend. We’ll be posting more later because Julien and Hubert, the hosts of the workshop and the driving force behind the project, are … Continue reading →