Small attempts to improve life for future generations

“Finca Las Brisas is an ecologically-focused community. It is a place where environmentally concerned people can own property, live and vacation in better harmony with nature. It is a place where owners can contribute not just to their community but … Continue reading →

Plenitud Earthbag Roundhouse Workshop in Puerto Rico

Hello Owen, My name is Tyler Nesbit. I am a friend and co-worker of Owen Ingley of Plenitud Initiativas Eco-Educativas. Would you please share this call for Earthbag Building Interns on your Natural Building Blog? … Continue reading →

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Today’s post is quoted from the Zephyr Eco website. Zephyr Eco is a project dedicated to self education and providing solutions for sustainable living. These include sustainable construction, organic farming, and free trade relationships. I have built many structures over … Continue reading →